Two of the chapters in e-Research contain full color figures that could not be reproduced in full color. These and other illustrations from the book will be provided here.


1.1 e-Research as interrelated clusters of scholarly tasks.

9.1 Basic visualization choices for researchers.

9.2 A history flow visualization of the Wikipedia chocolate page.

9.3 A screen-shot of an Evolino simulation.

9.4 Blog posts alluding to visualization during 2007–2008.

9.5 A Google TouchGraph of ‘Cyberinfrastructure’

9.6 The MySpace friends of one person, illustrated by a mashup.

9.7 The Figure 6 mashup after zooming in with four mouse clicks.

10.1 Treemap of posts to Microsoft.public hierarchy, circa 2001.

10.2 Treemap and hyperbolic graph of invitation and language group.

10.3 Detail tree map of 528111’s descendents and Highlight of 528111’s lineage.

10.4 Community size compared to number of posts across classes of discussion groups.

10.5 Days active compared to posts per thread within different support newsgroups.

10.6 Graphs of a thread and the larger group context.

10.7 Egocentric neighborhood visualizations of social network participants.

10.8 Combining types of visualizations to identify roles.